Audit Reward #2

We want to congratulate Ben Cook who received a perfect score on a random audit this week. As a way to provide further incentive for our Independent Contractors, Securus Logistics LLC has instituted an Audit procedure. We have put it in to place in the hopes to catch people doing good. We value our clients, and want them to have the best experience possible. We believe that helping our drivers present themselves professionally will enhance our ability to provide great service. We are thankful that Ben prides himself in representing Securus Logistics LLC well!

We had Ben fill out our “Driver Highlight” questionnaire so you could learn more about him:

1.When did you first start working as an IC for EUC/Securus Logistics LLC?

The wonderful year of 2009

2.What is one reason you like being an Independent Contractor?

You get to pick your own schedule

3.What is your favorite book and why?

Hunger games: It is thrilling and awesome!

4.What was the most recent book you’ve read or listened to?

Ender’s Game

5.What do you usually listen to on the radio while driving?

KSL 102.7 (News and Traffic)

6.Where is the farthest place you have traveled in your life?


7.Describe your Dream Vacation.

Flying in on a helicopter to a really high peak somewhere then snowboarding down.

8.What is something Unique about yourself?

I Rollerblade

9.Do you have any tips or tricks for getting work done more efficiently?

Take my girlfriend with me so I can drive in the carpool lane

10.What is some wisdom you could share with other Independent Contractors?


We are glad to have Ben working hard for our business. He is willing to respond to calls any time and he does a great job at presenting himself as a professional. Keep up the hard work! If you want to find out more information about our incentive programs feel free to contact us at: